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The 贝克纪念大楼, opened in 1951 was a gift of Knox County Baptist Churches. The 30,132 square foot building was named for Mr. Cecil H. Baker, who served for many years as the chairman of the C-N Board of Trustees. The first floor of Baker houses the Army ROTC department and includes ROTC administrative and academic offices, computing rooms, two classrooms and a cadet student lounge. It also features the Randall O’Brien Veterans Center. The second floor of Baker building is home to the Graduate Studies in Counseling and includes the William Blevins Institute for Spirituality and Mental Health. Interview and counseling rooms and a graduate student gathering space are located adjacent to administrative offices for the graduate counseling faculty also on the second floor. The Counseling and Collaboration Lab Facility is located on the third floor. The Department of History and Political Science teaches courses in recently renovated smart classrooms on the second floor.

贝克纪念大楼 is located at 706 Ken Sparks Way杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

Blye-Poteat Hall opened in 2007 as the new home for the Division of Family and Consumer Sciences. The building was named for the two significant donors who made the building possible -Miss Gertrude Blye and John T. Poteat. 面积18,457平方米. feet the building has state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratory facilities for consumer services; interior design; retailing; child and family studies; vocational education; and foods, nutrition, and dietetics. The B/S/H/ Foods and Nutrition Laboratory is a national field test site for Thermador Professional Ranges and displays the latest in kitchen design by area members of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).

Blye-Poteat Hall位于742 W. College St.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

The central unit of this residence hall was opened in 1954, with additional wings added in 1958. It served for many years as a women’s residence hall before converting the first floor into the new home for Enrollment Management and Admissions. The second floor of the North, South and East wings house the IT and Communications & 营销部门. 整个西翼,1968年加的. serves as a housing for male students. The first floor and lobby of Butler also serves as our Welcome Center for prospective students and their families.

Butler Hall is located at 1645 Russell Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

Butler-Blanc体育馆 was a gift from H. D. Blanc and D. L. Butler, both loyal trustees and financial supporters of the school. This 12,828 sq. foot building contains a gymnasium, walking track, classrooms, offices and a bouldering wall. The facility is often home to campus events sponsored by Student Services and other clubs and organizations.

Butler-Blanc体育馆 is located at 714 Ken Sparks Way杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

The 社区参与中心 prepares future-minded servant leaders committed to building and sustaining a caring community through integration of academic excellence and community engagement. This 6,000 square foot building hosts the Center offices, meeting space and recreational areas. It houses our Bonner Scholars and Faith & Justice Scholars.

The 社区参与中心 is located at 703 E. King St.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

The 全球教育中心 houses the offices of the Director of Global Education and the Assistant Director of Global Education. 国际学生服务, 国际教师交流, and study abroad programs are coordinated here. The 2,800 square-foot house where the Center is located was formally the home of Kathleen Manley in 1928, who spent 18 years as a missionary in Africa.

The 全球教育中心 is located at 1531 Russell Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760.

The Chambliss Building was given by the Ocoee Baptist Association and Justice A. W. Chambliss. 这栋12,019平方米的住宅于1981年重新装修. foot building houses faculty offices for the psychology and sociology departments, a small conference room and several classrooms. A research center for Psychology faculty and students is located on the top floor.

Chambliss Building is located at 2021 Branner Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

The Division of Family and Consumer Sciences’ early childhood education preschool is located in a separate facility near Blye-Poteat Hall. 宽敞的6581平方米. foot CDL hosts a 4 year-old classroom, observations room, snack kitchen, 教员/员工办公室, 家长教师会议室, 和学生教师的工作室. The outdoor playground directly adjacent the classroom is state-of-the-art with a scenic, pastoral view.

The CDL is located at 1800 Bishop Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

The 戏剧和泰德·拉塞尔中心 was the first major project of the Acorns to Oaks campaign and is currently the newest building on campus. 于2023年8月开业, the 戏剧和泰德·拉塞尔中心 covers 48,000 square feet and is the home to the School of Health Sciences, which includes Nursing and Exercise Science. This state-of-the-art facility features 12 classrooms, two simulation labs, 两个综合技能实验室, 四个健康评估实验室, a computer lab, multiple study lounges and The Garden Bistro. The third floor also features a walk-out veranda with scenic views over Henderson Hill.

The 戏剧和泰德·拉塞尔中心 is located at 728 N. College St.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

Named for Mr. and Mrs. T. Hunter Dougherty, 建成于1972年, 这个三层的建筑群有58个房间,449 square feet of floor space especially designed to provide efficient teaching, laboratory work, 以及自然科学的研究. Facilities for physics, geology and mathematics are on the ground floor. The second floor houses the biological sciences, and chemistry is located on the third floor. Vivaria and the green house are on the roof. The Academic Computer Center was added in 1998. Unique features of design for the complex include facilities for interdisciplinary study, laboratories for advanced independent study and research at the undergraduate level, and space for later addition of an astronomical observatory and planetarium.

多尔蒂科学大楼 is located at 2108 Branner Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

The 英语语言学院 occupies the white house known as “The Tennessee Jenkins House.” The 2,000 sq. 脚屋有两间教室, offices for the ELI Director and instructors, a computer lab, and a kitchen where international students improve their English language proficiency and learn more about American culture.

ELI位于721 W. College St.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

The 行政大楼 was completed and occupied in July 1967. 这座建筑以Dr. Harley Fite, former college president, and his wife. Comprised of 27,273 square feet, the building houses the administrative offices of the president, academic affairs, treasurer, advancement, alumni relations, human resources, 打印及邮寄服务, 信息技术, 注册/学生记录, institutional research and campus welcome center/switchboard.

Fite Adminsitration Building is located at 1646 Russell Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

The 亨德森人文大厦 was dedicated to the memory of Dr. John T. Henderson, former teacher, president, and trustee of the school. The current building, comprising 64,600 square feet was rebuilt after the original building was destroyed by fire in 1974. 位于校园的中心, 大楼里住着英国人, School of Biblical and Theological Studies, World Languages, Philosophy and Communication departments. Gentry Auditorium and Phoenix Theater are also located in this building. Gentry礼堂以W. L. Gentry, who served as college president form 1917 – 1919. The Phoenix Theater is so named because it arose from the ashes of the fire which destroyed the original building. The innovative fourth floor is complete with a main lobby/study area, several classrooms and currently houses the Forensics team. Nursing classes are also temporarily being held on the fourth floor until the completion of the new Drama & 泰德·拉塞尔中心,2023年秋季.

亨德森人文大厦 is located at 1640 Russell Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

The Honors House is located on the north end of campus at 1814 Manning Avenue. Totaling 3,200 square footage, the main floor of the Honors House is considered public space for all Honors Students and contains the Honors Program Art Collection, 最近的荣誉项目复印件, 免费洗衣设施, a kitchen, 以及娱乐/学习空间. The upstairs floor houses the Honors Program Office and living quarters for two residents.

The Honors House is located at 1814 Manning Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

Located across from First Baptist Church, the 凯瑟琳·曼利健康中心 is open to all students. The Wellness Center houses Counseling Services, Health Services and Disability Services.

The Wellness Center is located at 1611 Russell Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

Students at Carson-Newman have many opportunities to to enjoy campus life at the 马多克斯学生活动中心 (MSAC). Built in 1993, this 96,000 square-foot facility is filled with options for activities and interaction, including an indoor pool and running track, racquetball courts, multiple gymnasiums, 设备齐全的健身房, game room, dining room, and snack bar. 它还设有学习区, academic offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, Student Services, 大学书店, the campus post office and Chick-Fil-A. The MSAC also houses an outdoor tennis complex. The MSAC redefines the visual image of the campus and offers students a state-of-the-art facility for social interaction, physical activities, 用餐及其他活动.

The MSAC is located at 2130 Branner Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

Stephens-Burnett Memorial Library houses a collection of over 200,000 volumes, numerous microfilms and audio-visual holdings, over 95,000 e-books, nearly 12,000份当前期刊, most of which are available electronically, a cafe (Maples), and a Media Services Center with facilities for video and television production and satellite teleconferencing. The main floor also features the Lynn & Lyndsey Denton Gallery, which currently houses seven volumes of The Saint John’s Bible. In addition, the Library is a selective U.S. Government depository with access to thousands of government publications. The Special Collections Department houses the school’s archives, Baptist archives, 和阿巴拉契亚收藏品. The four story building comprises 52,116 square feet and memorializes the late Charles B. Stephens and Katerine Anne Stephens of Morristown.

The Library is located at 1634 Russell Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

这座建筑以W. B. Stokely, Jr and his family, many of whom have been prominently connected with Carson-Newman. The main floor houses the cafeteria, and the basement hosts the Department of Education. Remodeled in 2010, the Education space includes faculty officse, classrooms and three specialized meeting / training spaces: the Ted and Drama Russell Conference room, the Cole-Little Curriculum Laboratory, 以及摩根计算机实验室.

The cafeteria was remodeled in 2019 and can accommodate up to 2,000 students.. Comprising 31,650 square feet, 它包括一个大大厅, 一间大餐厅, three banquet rooms, the Board Room, 总统餐厅, and the kitchen. The large dining area is named for the late Elbert W. Willson of Athens, who was a devoted friend and long-time member of the board of trustees.

斯托克利纪念大楼 is located at 2205 Branner Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760.

Completed in 1980, 这个两层的建筑群有45个房间,704 square feet of floor space especially designed to enhance both teaching and performance. A spacious lobby is the focal point of the facility which is bathed in natural light entering from large, 朝东的窗户和玻璃门. Main entrance into the lobby is by means of the portico, which also provides ample space and acoustical support for outside performance opportunities. An overpass which transects the lobby serves as a student lounge and study area. The instructional, administrative, and performance functions of the music department are housed in this singular facility which includes faculty studios, classrooms, practice rooms, the music library, and the central administrative offices.

Classroom space includes four rooms: two general purpose classrooms each equipped with SMART Board® technology and two special music instruction rooms: the piano lab with 12 student piano stations, and the electronic music lab with 6 iMac and MIDI keyboard work stations. Piano faculty studios and piano major practice rooms are equipped with Steinway & Sons grand pianos. The architectural design of the Tarr Music Center provides structurally isolated performance spaces. 合唱排练室, seating 100 singers, 是在南翼吗, and the band rehearsal hall is located in the north wing. Both rooms are designed with the acoustical needs of each group. The recital hall, which seats 250, is located in the west wing and houses a 32-rank Reuter teaching and recital organ as well as two Steinway & Sons pianos.


Ted Russell Hall is a world class facility. Comprised of 30,720 square feet, this expansive facility includes 23 faculty offices, office suites, workrooms, 三个会议室, a student lounge, 两间剧场式智能教室, and four second-floor classrooms dedicated to computer-based courses that employ smart-technology and enhance 21st century teaching methods.

Ted Russell Hall is located at 744 Ken Sparks Way杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

The Warren Art Building was named in memory of Dr. James T. Warren, president of the college from 1927 until his death in January 1948. 1972年秋天, the 16,188 square-foot building was completely renovated and equipped for use by the Art Department. Carson-Newman’s Art Department is a vibrant, growing department, full of energetic artists and scholars. The Warren Art building is a hub for the creative arts that includes art studios, classrooms, 平面设计实验室, photographic studios and the Michael Alvis Art Gallery.

The Warren Art Building is located at 808 Ken Sparks Way杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760


1956年9月开业, this 41,560 square-foot residence hall has one apartment for the Residence Life Coordinator, a guest apartment, recreation rooms, study rooms, and a laundry room. Alumni Hall was renovated in 2002 and a new parking lot was added in 2021. It currently accommodates 182 students.

Alumni Hall is located at 2034 Branner Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

The apartment-style residence hall was built in 2001 and is located behind the Tarr Music Center. This 19,250 square-foot residential area is known as Appalachian Commons and consists of two separate apartment complexes for men (LeConte) and women (Greenbriar). Greenbrier and LeConte are home to 60 upper-class men and women, respectively, who are housed in two-person and four-person apartments. The apartments are fully furnished and provide residents with a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Each resident in Appalachian Commons has a private bedroom that is equipped with phone, cable, 还有电脑连接. In addition, there are coin-operated laundry facilities available in the building between Greenbrier and LeConte, which also houses the Appalachian Commons Residence Life Coordinator.


Appalachian Commons is located at 734 Ken Sparks Way杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

Located across the street from First Baptist Church, this 63,693 square-foot building was named for former college president Dr. J. M. Burnett. The building accommodates 288 students. It has an apartment for the Residence Life Coordinator, a guest room, study rooms, a prayer room, a recreation room, a kitchen, and a laundry room. The parlor is named for the late Mrs. A. J. Foster in recognition of a substantial gift toward the erection of the building.

Burnett Hall is located at 1607 Russell Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

The central unit of this residence hall was opened in 1954, with additional wings added in 1958. It served for many years as a women’s residence hall before converting the first floor into the new home for Enrollment Management and Admissions. The second floor of the North, South and East wings house the IT and Communications & 营销部门. The entire West wing (added in 1968) comprises 73,802 square feet and serves as a housing facility for male students.

Butler Hall is located at 1645 Russell Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

Built in 1964 and formerly called New Men’s Hall, this 100,078 square-foot building was renamed Heritage Hall in the fall of 2001. It accommodates 450 students and is the primary residence dorm for male students on campus. The South wing of Heritage Hall houses the administrative and faculty offices of the Nursing Department and a nursing skills laboratory.

文物馆位于北纬821号. College St.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

Built in 1904, Sarah Swann Hall is the oldest building on campus and houses sophomore, 大三和大四女生. Swann Hall is of Georgian architecture with Corinthian columns, inviting porches, a fireplace, formal parlors, 木制楼梯和餐厅.

Swann Hall is located at 1637 Russell Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760.


Burke-Tarr Stadium, completed in 2006, was named for Mr. James E. Burke and Dr. H. L.Tarr. The stadium, 包括罗伊·哈蒙·菲尔德, is home to the Division 2 powerhouse Carson-Newman Eagles football team. 这个体育场能容纳6人,500 people and provides excellent facilities for sporting events and Spring Commencement. The stadium also houses the Ken Sparks Athletic Complex, which houses a state-of-the-art training facility, locker room, several meeting rooms and coaching offices.

Burke-Tarr Stadium is located at 711 Davis St.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

Holt Fieldhouse is a 34,441 square-foot multi-purpose building that was completed in 1959.  In 1961, the Board of Trustees named this building in honor of Sam B. “Frosty” Holt, who had for 35 years served as coach and director of athletics at his alma mater.  The main level of Holt houses a gymnasium for varsity competition with a seating capacity of 2,000, 还有体育办公室, the Carson-Newman Hall of Fame and hospitality room.  The lower level houses a state-of-the-art training room, varsity weight room, 大学运动队的更衣室, 洗衣和设备发放区, 以及访客梳妆设施.

Holt Fieldhouse is located inside the MSAC.

“The Vick”  is home of the Carson-Newman Lady Eagles softball team and is located at 615 Davis St.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760, nestled between Burke-Tarr Stadium and the Maddox Student Activity Center, 就在查理A号旁边. “巴迪”卡特利特网球中心.
One of the best of its kind in the region, this facility was the gift of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Silver of Morristown, long-time supporters.  The facility includes offices for the coaches, a press box, 有更衣室的球队会所, shower facilities, 还有一个团队学习室, entertainment, and recreation.  It also has enclosed batting cages for practice in any weather dedicated to the memory of former baseball coach Bobby Wilson.

The baseball complex is located below Burke-Tarr Stadium at 731 Davis St.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760

The Charles A. “Buddy” Catlett outdoor tennis complex at Carson-Newman features six, fully-litcourts with all-encompassed fencing. Both the C-N Men’s and Women’s tennis teams compete on these courts throughout the year, but the courts are also available to students and the public.

The courts are located next to the Vickee Kazee-Hollifield Softball Complex, between the MSAC and Daugherty Science Center.

In May of 1958, the athletic field west of Burke-Tarr Stadium was named McCown Athletic Field, in honor of Dr.R. M McCown, a local phsyician, a former coach, and a long-time supporter of athletics at Carson-Newman. In 2009 field lighting was added to make night games possible and in 2011 the field sod was replaced. McCown field is the home to Men’s and Women’s soccer teams.

McCown Field is located behind the MSAC at 1710 Pearl Ave.杰斐逊市,田纳西州37760


The Allen and Phyllis Morgan East Campus on Mossy Creek spans 18 acres and is located on the furthest east end of campus along the banks of historic Mossy Creek. The park was dedicated in honor former C-N athletics director Allen Morgan and his wife, Phyllis, in October 2017.

The park is located at the intersection of Davis St. and Walnut Ave.

The David W. Barger Disc Golf Course on Mossy Creek was dedicated in October 2023 in honor of the former C-N athletics director. The Par 3 course features 18 holes and padded tee boxes, 张成的空间大于6,000 feet across the banks of Mossy Creek. A course map is located on the first tee box, and it can also be found on the official UDisc app.

The course is located at the intersection of Davis St. and Walnut Ave.

The Randall and Kay O’Brien Amphitheater is open-air facility accommodates nearly 900 people with the potential for additional seating in the surrounding green space. It features tiered seating built into the grassy hillside facing Mossy Creek, sidewalk pavers, 还有一个凸起的舞台区,可以表演音乐剧, theatrical, 学术及社区用途.

The amphitheater is located just beyond the intersection of Davis St. and Walnut Ave.

The Intramural Field at Carson-Newman is a 5-acre park, featuring a softball field and a jumps facility for the track and field program. The larger field is used for intramural sports such as soccer, ultimate frisbee and flag football.

The Intramural Field is located at the intersection of Ken Sparks Way and Bishop Ave.


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